Dr. Preeti Panchal
Education: MBBS,MD

Dr. Priti Panchal

B/703, God’s Gift, Near Adarsh Dugdhalya, Marve Road, Malad, Mumbai 400064, INDIA
Tel (R): 022-28011559 (M): 9821013203
Email: drmakku@gmail.com

Professional Experience in Internal Medicine
Area Of Interest: Management of diabetic and thyroid patients.
Management of infectious disease

June 1985 : SSC from the Maharashtra State Board of Education.

June 1987 : HSC from the Maharashtra State Board of Education.

March 1993 : MBBS from T.N.M.C.& B.Y.L. NAIR Hospital -Mumbai University.

Feb 93- Jan 94:1 year compulsory internship training at Nair Hospital

October1997 :M.D (Internal Medicine) from T.N.M.C.& B.Y.L. Nair Hospital (Mumbai University)


• ICCU Registrar in ‘SIR H.N. HOSPITAL’ for the period 7/2/1997 to 3/7/1997 (4 months 26 days)

• Administrative Medical Officer in T.N.M.C.& B.Y.L. Nair Hospital (1yr 7month 26 days)
o 23/11/1997 to 23/2/1998 (3months)
o 25/3/1998 to 20/8/1999 (1year 4months 26 days)

• Lecturer in T.N.M.C.& B.Y.L. Nair Charitable Hospital (5yrs 5months 19days)
o 21/8/1999 to 27/7/2000: Adhoc Lecturer (11month 6 days)
o 29/7/2000 to 11/2/2005: Permanent Lecturer (4yrs 6months 13 days)

Practiced as consultant at various nursing home from 2005 to May 2012
• Associate Professor in Department of Medicine at ESI-PGIMSR ANDHERI from 16th May
• 2012 to 28 th February 2015.
• Currently practicing consultant at various hospital


1) As a Casualty Medical Officer: managed all the casualty emergencies, court cases etc.

2) As a Nephrology Lecturer in Nair Hospital: managed patients on Dialysis, insertion of lines of
dialysis pt. Kidney biopsy, indoor & outdoor management of all renal pts.

3) As a Lecturer In Internal Medicine at Nair Hospital:.
• Taught MBBS, post graduate, dental, O.T. /P.T. students.
• Co-examiner for dental student and university examiner for MBBS students.
• Counseling, symptomatic management of HIV &AIDS patients. Record keeping of all patients
admitted in the hospital, that is HIV positive as per MDAC’S requirement.
• Managing the HCW’S who get exposed to HIV positive patients which included counseling,
precautions to be taken, preventions & post exposure prophylaxis treatment.
• Managed asthma OPD and HIV& AIDS OPD as speciality OPD along with routine medical OPD.
• Worked as MICU lecturer on rotational basis

4) As Associate Professor
• Looked after insured patients in OPD, indoor & MICU along with diabetic specialty OPD
• Worked as administrative in charge of dept. of medicine & MICU.
• Managed the duty roaster for the resident of medicine dept.
• As an expert member, conducted interview for the post of junior resident, senior resident and
specialist post at our hospital and other ESIS hospital
• As a Guest lecturer for the company’s insured staff regarding the prevention of cardiac
• Active participant in integrated teaching programme in ESIPGIMSR institute.


1. 6th National Conference of ‘H.T.’ July-2, Nov 1997
2. Medical Education Teaching Technology Workshop Part I & II at T.N.M.C. In 2000.
3. CME Update in Infectious Disease at P.D. Hinduja Hospital-2001.
4. 9th Annual Conference of Maharashtra chapter API 2001 (MAPICON).
5. Workshop on Mechanical Ventilation & Critical Care at 16th Asia Pacific Congress on Disease of
Chest 23 Nov. 2001.
6. 16th Asia Pacific Congress on Disease of Chest mumbai lest Mumbai: – 30th November – 2 December
7. 1st Annual Asian American International Medical Conference : Jan 3-5, 2003, Goa,
8. World Aids Day Scientific Programme in Aids Awareness – 2003.
9. 1st National Conference HIV-Hepatitis Co-Infection at Mumbai 2003.
10. XIII Training Workshop on Planning, Preparedness & Response to Radiation Emergencies for
Medical Officers 22-25 April 2003.
11. American College of Chest Physicians Western India chapter 19-21 Dec, 2003 Lonavala.
12. 10th Annual Conference of India Society of Critical Care Medicine – 2004.

13. National Conference on Management of HIV/AIDS in Resource Restricted Settings 20-22 Feb, ’04.
14. 60th Annual Conference of The Association of Physician of India APICON-2005
15. International Critical Care Congress & 12 th Annual Conference Of The Indian Society of
Critical Care Medicine-2006
16. International Critical Care Congress & 12 th Annual Conference Of The Indian Society of
Critical Care Medicine :Workshop on Basic & Advanced Life Support -2006
17. Cardio Vascular Society of India –Heart Failure Summit -2011
18. 16th Scientific Conference of Environmental Medical Association NESCON -2011
19. 16th Scientific Conference of Environmental Medical Association: Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Workshop NESCON -2011
20. 11th International Symposium On Diabetes -2012
21. 18th National Conference of Environmental and Pulmonary Diseases NESCON -2012
22. United Diabetes Forum by Indian Medical Association Mumbai West -2012
23. International Conference on Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetes 2012
24. 6th National Update In Respiratory Medicine Hinduja Hospital -2012
25. International Symposium on choosing the best antihypertensive Combination to Prevent CV risk:
The Cardiologist choice- 2013
26. 12th International Symposium On Diabetes -2013


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15) 60th Annual Conference of The Association of Physician of India APICON-2005 Poster paper
Presentation titled Frontal Lobe Involvement :A Study of 21 cases
16) Myoedema: A presenting symptom of Hypothyroid Myopathy: ijpsi.org Volume 2 Issue 10, October
2013, PP.01-03.
17) Currently working on 2 research papers
a. Retrospective analysis of Malaria & its complication in a tertiary care centre.
b. Retrospective analysis of Dengue & its complication in a tertiary care centre.


English/ Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati.